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· Improve family bonding
· Children perform and improve their skill much better.
· A parent can monitor, observe, and help them to grow together.
· Reduce the gap between child and parent.
· Parents can monitor in real time, whether Taekwondo instructor is helping your child into a better individual or not.

We Care About Your Family. 

king tiger tkd for family

Taekwondo can benefit many areas of adult life, self-defense, release stress, workplace attitude and much more.

Here are top ten health benefits;

1. Total body workout   

2. Healthy Lifestyle
3. Self-Confidence         

4. Improved Cardiovascular health
5. Weight loss                

6. Improved Reflexes
7. Focus and Stillness    

8. Teaches great morals and values
9. Muscle Tone              

10. Better Mood
Reference: Health Fitness Revolution 

king tiger tkd for kids

Benefits from the king tiger taekwondo

Students of all ages can enjoy the benefits of TaeKwonDo. Here are a few of the many benefits to studying and practicing at Byung Lee’s King Tiger TaeKwonDo:

· Builds Confidence
· Enhances Self-Esteem
· Develops Discipline
· Teaches Self-Defense
· Strengthens Mind and Body

king tiger tkd for women

king tiger tkd for Adults

· Taekwondo is a fantastic way for women to build and harness their upper body strength.
· A postural imbalance occurs when some muscles are shortened from extended periods of flexion and others are constantly overstretched.
· Self-defense requires anyone who is threatened or under attack to quickly assess a situation that may change rapidly, and react in the way that will keep them safest.
· Improved Cardiovascular health